Weekly Yoga & Meditation classes held every

Wednesday 1730-1830

£6 Drop in

£5 as 4 class pass £20


Bob Champion Research and Enterprise building (BCRE)

This is opposite the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital.  Click on below icon or image for location on googlemaps

Classes held in an exquisite new building that overlooks fields, giving access to unadulterated sunsets. As we wind down the class and prepare for meditation, we are blessed with sun rays on our face, filling the space with natural meditative energy


       Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book/register? No need to book - just turn up, however if you need a yoga mat, you need to let me know so that I can put one aside.

What do I need to bring? Yoga mat / sheep skin (note - there will be a limited number of mats available on a first come first serve basis if you do not have one/forget) Water bottle, Blanket (to cover yourself during relaxation)

Is there any Parking? Yes. There is a small car park just behind the BCRE. As you drive into the Hospital, at the round about where you see Edith Cavel and busy Bees on your right, continue driving up this road and take the second right - you should see a big building on your right that looks like a big shed - this is the BCRE. There is a car park to the left (charges you £2-3) there is a small car park further on to the right (barriers) if you Buzz in and inform security you are there for Yoga, they will need your name (they match up with class register) and let you in. You can always call/text me when you are near and I can direct you.

I have never practiced Kundalini before - can I join at any time? Yes :) Kundalini is about personal development. In these classes majority of movements are practiced with our eyes closed to promote mental physical and emotional self awareness. Teacher guides through each exercise with insight enabling self correction. Our bodies are unique thus all of our mental physical and emotional strengths will vary, therefore this unique teaching methodology makes this suitable to both new and regular practitioners.

Is Kundalini a new style of Yoga? Kundalini is an ancient technology that encompasses all elements of yoga, not just the physical. Although slowly filtering into Norwich, Kundalini practice is flourishing in London and spreading through out the nation. Globally Kundalini practice is very popular in America, Europe and Russia - click HERE to view national and international articles

Is there a dress code? Wear flexible comfortable clothing. Classes run bare foot so you don’t need to wear trainers. You will find your teacher wearing all white and head covered - as we are working with our energy both the colour white and head covering ensure efficient practice. This is not mandatory.

Are there any resources to look at before class?Yes, please check out my resources page by clicking HERE

Is there any evidence to the benefits of Kundalini practice? Yes. There is a growing body of research for Yoga in general and its perceived benefits.

Kundalini is know as one of the most effective practices in yogic text, it is for this reason, Yogi Bhajan set up the Kundalini Research institute KRI Please click HERE to look at some published papers.

As a health care professional and medical lecturer Harpreet is particularly interested in both quantitative and qualitative research being done to investigate the effects of Kundalini, often teaches her classes linking exercises to both western and Yogic anatomy.

Harpreet is a member of the All parliamentary group for Indian Sciences representing the Kundalini and the NHS.

For more FAQ’s please click here

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