Is there a dress code?

Wear flexible comfortable clothing. Classes run bare foot so you don’t need to wear trainers.

What do I need to bring?

Yoga mat / sheep skin (note - there will be a limited number of mats available on a first come first serve basis if you do not have one/forget) Water bottle, Blanket (to cover yourself during relaxation)

Is there Parking?

Yes. There is a small car park just behind the BCRE. As you drive into the Hospital, at the round about where you see Edith Cavel and busy Bees on your right, continue driving up this road and take the second right - you should see a big building on your right that looks like a big shed - this is the BCRE. There is a car park to the left (charges you £2-3) there is a small car park further on to the right (barriers) if you Buzz in and inform security you are there for Yoga, they will need your name (they match up with class register) and let you in. You can always call/text me when you are near and I can direct you.

Do I need to book?

Nope - just turn up, however if you need a yoga mat, you need to let me know so that I can put one aside.

How long is a class?

Typically 60 - 90 minutes

I have never practiced Kundalini before - can I join at any time?

Yes :) Kundalini is about personal development. In these classes majority of movements are practiced with our eyes closed to promote mental physical and emotional self awareness. Teacher guides through each exercise with insight enabling self correction. Our bodies are unique thus all of our mental physical and emotional strengths will vary, therefore this unique teaching methodology makes this suitable to both new and regular practitioners.

What does a class consist of?

Tuning in - Kriya (set of exercises)  - Meditation (may include mantras)  - Relaxation - Tune out

What is tuning in/out?

Essential stage of Kundalini Yoga and meditation - I have posted a youtube video so that you can see what this involved on resources called Kundalini yoga for beginners

Common Kundalini Terminology

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I am not very flexible - should I still come?

Kundalini is a yoga of awareness, working towards a posture will still have benefits. Modifications are always an option. Remember, media promotes certain aspects of yoga, i.e. being flexible, there is much more! you will find if you are not that flexible your possibly much better at stamina exercises, breath control and mantra. First class in on donation basis - try, judge from your experience.  

Is this just for women?

Kundalini was originally only available to Royals but later on opened up to all and known as the householders yoga. It is designed for and suitable for all abilities, gender and age.

Yoga mat vs Sheep skin

Kundalini practice works to awaken dormant energy, clear chakras and promote energetic circulation. In yogic teachings, sheep skin is known to balance electromagnetic energy. This links in with covering the head to retain energy.

Can I practice Kundalini and other yogas too?

What ever form of yoga you do, ultimately seeks the same goal: union of mind body and soul. If anything you should experience a variety and listen to your body and assess what works for you. However, in Kundalini, the Kriyas themselves (exercises) are very prescriptive and designed for specific effects, therefore must never been altered. They are to be practiced as handed down from Yogi Bhagan. 

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