Kundalini practice is build upon the 8 limbs of Yoga. This ancient technology is designed for modern day beings to cope with the stresses and challenges of this new age.

Yogi Bhagan predicted an era of great technological revolution, with it an increase in psychiatric aliments affecting us all from anxiety, neurosis, depression to mania.

Kundalini Research Institute was founded to pioneer quantitative research in this field to capture the physical and psychological effects of Kundalini Yoga and meditation on our being.

As a health care professional working as a neurology pharmacist and pharmacology lecturer for MBBS medical curriculum the founder of Authentic India is passionate to collate, extract and decipher this new and emerging field of medical research.

Meditation Effects on Cognitive Function and Cerebral

Blood Flow in Subjects With Memory Loss: A Preliminary Study

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Cerebral Blood Flow Changes Associated with Different

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Cerebral Blood Flow Differences Between Long-Term

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Yoga may ease symptoms for atrial fibrillation patient

Catherine Paddock PhD


Study shows that mindfulness meditation can lead to back pain relief in older adults



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In the Pipeline

Oxford university have collaborated with the University of London to research the effect of mindfulness on mental health

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