Authentic India

Authentic India is a platform to explore ancient Indian art of healing technology: Yoga, music, meditation, art and much more. 

Living in a world where our mind is overloaded, body overused and soul neglected: how do we maintain ourselves without missing out?

Authentic India: Ancient technology for modern day living.

Authentic India was founded in 2008 by Harpreet Kaur. Professionally Harpreet is a pharmacist. Training in Hospitals, Harpreet completed her PostGraduate Clinical Diploma, Independent prescribing followed by specialist training in Anticoagulant therapy. Harpreet was the first prescribing pharmacist to set up and run clinics in one of Europe's largest hospitals. Although challenging and rewarding, and what Harpreet had been working towards for many years: it just did not resonate.

Being innately inquisitive, Harpreet developed a strong affinity towards self discovery and development from a young age: traveling the world, exploring different cultures, philosophies and way of life were (still are) a top priority. Harpreet has travelled to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Northern India, Peru, Morocco, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Amazon etc etc Upon return, Authentic India was founded: a platform to explore how ancient technology can be used for modern day living.

During her travels, Harpreet realised her passion for teaching and currently works as a senior academic pharmacist training Medical students and Junior Doctors in Pharmacology and prescribing. Harpreet is also Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and holds particular research interest in patient safety through inter-professional education, technology enhanced learning and the role of Yoga in healthcare professional resilience. 

Harpreet is a hoping to pursue her PhD in this area in the near future.

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