Yogic & Western medicine advice

Drawing on Yogic technology and Western medicine Harpreet is uniqley placed to discuss current or pre diagnosis of clinical conditions and prescribed medications.

Understanding your condition and all of the medication you are currently prescribed: exploring how this has and will affect your body and things you can do to help heal yourself, yourself. 

In these sessions we explore lifestyle, physical, mental and spiritual routines. Take back control as we Identify core areas to focus on and develop a plan of action. 

You will be provided with written information and exercises to do at home and guided journaling. 

Initial consultation (15min) £FREE

First 15 minutes will enable us to get to know each other and gather preliminary information. In person consultation recommended.


Following on from your initial consultation we will delve further into your yogic and western medicine health. (60 minute)

  • 6 (60 minute) class for £330 (£55/pc)
  • 10 (60 minute) class for £510 (£51/pc)


One to One sessions

Class to take place at home yoga studio, public yoga space, your own home - will discuss best option for us.

Please note that prices are higher than group classes as material will be curated specifically for your needs.

Initial consultation (15 min) £FREE

This time will be used to decipher your specific yoga and meditation needs via phone or Skype only

Please see Costs for further information. 

Example of Themes 

  • Insomnia
  • Overthinking - how to relax the mind
  • Relax and rejuvenate
  • Headaches to cluster migraines
  • Detox

You will be provided with written information on Kriyas, meditation and mindfulness exercises.