Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

NHS & UEA Staff-students 

No booking required. 

To accommodate hectic NHS work schedule we do not require booking, however it would secure your place. We only have capacity for 15.


Booking and payment need to be made prior to attending classes. 

What should I bring & wear?


Blanket to cover 

yourself during relaxation. 

Yoga mat* & Water

*6 mats available that can be reserved by advanced booking. 


Light comfortable clothing. Feet are kept bare during class so shoes that slip on/off easily

Free parking? Yes!

To ease your journey to and from the evening Yoga classes at the 

NNUH: Wellbeing department have negotiated parking validation.


NHS staff that do not have a parking permit for NNUH staff car park / use the Park and Ride will be able to park in the staff car park 1700 onwards for free IF they are attending Yoga classes. 

To clarify: Staff without permits for the staff car park attending Yoga in the evening would not be allowed to park on site all day. They would need to collect their car from the Park & Ride and get back to site 1700 onwards.  

Public & UEA staff/students

As you enter NNUH car parks please buzz in at the intercom and inform them you are there for the Yoga class. If you are unable to get through, take a ticket and buzz in at the intercom when you leave. Tickets can also be validated at reception West block. 

Don't worry, you can always call me and there are always Yogis validating tickets etc at the end of class who can show you the roles. 

New to Yoga / Meditation / Kundalini?

If you are new to Yoga and Meditation then Kundalini is the perfect entry. 

Kundalini, in a nut shell is all about personal development: eyes closed we go within to promote mental physical and emotional self awareness. You are there to be the best version of yourself, not the class or the teacher. This style of teaching creates a safe environment for you to get to know yourself better and enable you to become the best version of yourself. 

Body pretzel: I am not very flexible - should I still come?

Kundalini is a yoga of awareness, working towards a posture will still have benefits. Modifications are always an option. Remember, media promotes certain aspects of yoga, i.e. being flexible, there is much more! you will find if you are not that flexible your possibly much better at stamina exercises, breath control and mantra. First class in on donation basis - try, judge from your experience.   

Do we answer your question?

If we did not answer your question please feel free to e-mail me directly on