Yoga Nidra

Can't switch off?

If you eat right, exercise, drink herbal teas, journal and do all the good nourishing stuff but still find it difficult to switch off and get a good nights sleep: this is because you are running on empty. 

Once I month I run yogic sleep classes. Even the most active minds are found drifting away into the ether, only to be brought back by the sound of my voice waking them up. 

As a scientist, healthcare professional and medical lecturer I am all about the science. I invite you to bring your smart watches to track your sleep and see how this technology actually affects you. 

What does this involve? you turning up and laying down on a mat - I do the rest! Thousands of years of yogic knowledge has been passed down such that we, the modern day being can utilise this golden ancient technology into our overwhelmed lives. 

I am so confident that these classes will have an impact - you can pay what ever you want for the first class. I will happily run your introductory session on a donation basis. 

Remember these classes are here for you when you need them, just make sure you are in tune with your mind and body to hear what it needs and wants. When ever you feel you 'need' to do this, just turn up. I am a big believer in the Aquarian age where we do what we want based on our needs not obligation, thus have come to accept the fluidity of student flow through my classes. It is beautiful to see this energetic flow in motion! To aid this process I operate a 'drop in' style class, no booking, no registration, no block booking weeks in advance (I mean you may not like it so why would I take your money?!) you don't even need a mat, I got you! So turn up when ever you need it

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Yoga Nidra is scientifically proven to help to dive into deep sleep, bypassing light and REM stages to give you true 'switch off' time. As a pharmacist I can tell you - this is far superior over chemically induced states of 'sleep' that leave you drained as you are simply floating in REM and not resting your brain as a cellular level

Yoga Nidra last Tuesday of every month. 

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