What to expect from class

Every Tuesday 1730-1830

How long does a class 

Classes start from £5 please see Cost for further details  

How long does a class last?


How is a class structured?

1. Tune in

2. Kriya / Yoga Therapy

3. Relaxation / Yoga Nidra 

4. Meditation 

5. Tune out and gratitude 

Follow this link to resources to see videos on all of the above

What does ‘tuning in’ involve?

Essence of Kundalini Yoga is to realise you are all that you need and for this we begin by paying homage to our inner wisdom and higher being (the calm voice inside your head that advises you not to bring up issues from the past decade when your arguing with the spouse over who’s turn it was to wash up!)

How do we do this? 

Through mantra. Mantra (Man = mind, Tra = wave) any sound currant that we can use to ‘cut’ the mind wave and bring our thoughts into check and ultimately have no thoughts. Mantra not only helps clear out mind, we use it to set and direct our intentions too. 


Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 

I bow to the Creator, to the Divine Teacher within

Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh 

I bow to the Primal Wisdom, I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages, I bow to the True Wisdom, I bow to the great unseen Wisdom

What is Kriya / Yoga Therapy?

‘Kriya’ is a Sanskrit word denoting a set of harmonic exercises to promote/prevent/maintain a specific mental physical or spiritual effect. These exercise are not decided by the teacher – there are set prescribed series of moevements that NEED to be adhered to in order to achieve therapeutic effects – hence yoga therapy. 

Kundalini Yoga goes beyond a ‘good stretch’ it encapsulates the eight arms of yoga such that you are working on all spheres of existence. 

Examples of Yoga therapy sets include:

  • Back to basics - concentrating on the  spine 
  • Relax and renew – working on the renal and endocrine systems
  • Inner beauty and strength – pineal gland
  • Energise and uplift - GI / digestion / immune / kidney 
  • Depression, Anxiety, Burn out and insomnia and many more – please see ‘medical research’ for papers on the quantifiable benefits as published in peer reviewed international medical journals  

What is Yoga Nidra 

Deep guided relaxation is best sleeping pill! I can say this as a Pharmacist ;)

As we lay on our back adopting the corpse pose our body and mind begin to relax completely. This is an integral part of Kundalini practice as it integrates the effects of the kriya and to let the hormones that have been released by the glands during the kriya, circulate in the bloodstream. The deep relaxation also creates space for rejuvenation of spirit.

What does ‘tuning in’ involve?

Gratitude to yourself, the class and the universe. How do we do this? Through a beautiful poem

Long Time Sun Shine Song: ‘May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you, Guide your way on

Why do teachers wear white and cover their head?

Everything we see and feel around us contains energy in one form or another. Law of thermodynamics state that energy cannot be created or destroyed. As we practice this ancient mind body technology we are releasing and directing energy to achieve a state of balance. We loose most of our heat/energy via our cranium hence covering our heads (from a pashmina to a glorious turban the principle remains the same) Electromagnetic spectrum white is colour that is the composite of all colours, wearing this therefore reduces the absorption or deflection of unwanted energies. This is precisely why you will find yourself wearing more white clothes in hot countries: they keep you cooler than say black. 

Yoga mat vs Sheep skin

Kundalini practice works to awaken dormant energy, clear chakras and promote energetic circulation. In yogic teachings, sheep skin is known to balance electromagnetic energy. This links in with covering the head to retain energy.

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Every Tuesday

Norfolk &Norwich University Hospital Chapel

Chapel is located on the ground floor centre block. 



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