End of year workshop

we are what we repeatedly do ....

I feel this applies to our mind body and soul..... we carry wounds, memories and energetic imprints with us..... pushing down what we deem to be too painful or unpleasant..... or simply, we have no time to process them....but as we all know, they are still there.....lurking in our subconscious mind, waiting to erupt when we least expect them or to show up as an unexplained alignment of the mind and body,

Yogi Bhajan continually stared that the mind is a great follower: terrible leader. As we approach a new year and as we often, reluctantly look back at our resolutions for the year .... with guilt and and a deflated sense of achievement...... may be this year do something different? take the yogic approach 

Stilling the mind through kundalini technology, we will create a safe and secure space within which you can dive within you search for what your mind body and soul needs ..... beyond what your ego thinks you want. Giving yourself space and time

Intentionally working with the seasons this workshop will take place during winter solstice, and excellent time to go within and seek truth

*** space is limited ***

21st December 2019 


£25 early bird discount

if you book before 6th December 2019. Only need £5 deposit

£30 after the 6th

What will be provided: Yogi tea, Yogic superfood meal. Cleansing sage during class and to take home with you along with clay diva and incense (everything you need to kick start your personal later at home) paper, pencils, pens etc will all be provided. 

What to bring with you: Your own mug, plate, spoon, if you feel you want to bring some food to share in the circle feel free (from baked goods, fruit, nuts) blanket, snuggles socks, pillow or anything that will give you extra comfort (the session will run in easy pose) and a journal. Brand new journal for you to use to write down your intention for the year: for you to refer to on a daily basis in 2020. This is your gift to yourself. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Watsapp 07949756754. 

Please note I am away on my own personal yoga retreat for a month so I may or may not be able to get back to you. 


What will be included?

Yogi tea on arrival

Tuning in 

Open circle 

Kundalini Kriya specific to align 

our mind body and soul intentions 

Guided meditation 

Subconscience to conscience 

to goal setting 

open circle with

Yogi superfood (Kichri) and tea

Physical goal setting  

Learning to cleanse your space

Tune out


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